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c) Rail the Trails - Advanced mountain bike skills

Now we're talking, you may be a super fast cross country rider or a do it all endure rider, either way there is always room to improve and progress your skills to get you riding your favourite trails faster and smoother.
My rail the trails skills course will improve your flow by showing you how to pump the trail for free speed! We'll get you bunny hopping over that rock garden at speed or landing that large drop off. Whatever you want to achieve I can help focus and progress your riding to a new and super flowy level.
Advanced skills courses are run at specific trail venues such as Lee & Cragg Quarry, Clayton Trails or the Peak District. Courses cost £60 for a half day session (3 hours) or £80 for a full day skills training (6 hours). Group sizes are a minimum of 3 riders and a maximum of 6.
Give us a call or drop me an e-mail to book!